The Arbor Day Foundation is the largest nonprofit in the world dedicated to planting trees. Funded by over a million members along with corporate partners, they have planted over 300 million trees in communities, cities, and forests around the world.

For so many of the world’s most pressing challenges – access to clean water and air and having a climate that’s livable - trees are a big part of the solution. And, best of all, they are something that most people can agree on. That’s a rare thing in today’s culture.

Planting the Seeds

We have worked with The Arbor Day Foundation over the past few years to tell their story to the world – to corporate sponsors and other stakeholders, local and federal government, partnering organizations, donors, volunteers, the press, and the general public. Because the subject matter lends itself so well to visuals, video has been a natural medium for this kind of storytelling.


Growing the Base

We’ve been able to reach and engage with a new generation of donors through social media and by going deeper in the storytelling through an episodic web series that was also picked up as in-flight entertainment on American Airlines. For our broadest reach, we also produce an annual public service announcement (PSA) spot that gets distributed through broadcast and digital. Airing on national TV, including Good Morning America, as well as local programming, it was the 3rd most played PSA in the country in 2017. The PSA includes versions at a range of runtimes: 60s, 30s, 20s, 15s, and 10s.